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The Brand Winola

Winola is committed to help you by providing bakery solutions , That’s why we work to have all the products needed for a perfect baking from ingredients to finished products. Winola has everything for baking the sweet creations that customers want. The quality you experienced with the first winola product you ever used, is the same quality you can count on from all of our products today and into the future. It’s all part of our commitment to provide the ingredients for life’s sweet moments recognized by the Winola brand.

For authentic taste of Bakery try Winola products because
our roots are in the heart of baking.

Winola means authentic bakery products from its beginning.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide you with the better ingredients not only in taste , quality and service, but also in sustaining our consistency for the next generations to come. So you can create the quality and sweet bakery products that our customers expect from us, matching the increasingly more important demands with consistent quality and taste.

Living up to our commitment, every day

At Winola, we want to be better every day so that we can keep surprising our customers with exciting new high-quality products and delicious recipes. Every day we strive to create happiness with:

What We Do

At Winola, we know that our customers and their families count on us to make their special moments memorable. That’s why we combine unmatched international manufacturing and distribution capabilities with our expertise, commitment and innovation to create bakery solutions for people of India & across the world.

We supply a complete line of consistent quality, Glazes, Sugar paste , Hazelnut paste, Moulded Chocolates , Compounds & Couvertures , Bakery confetti & Decorations to the food industry in India & worldwide.

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How We Do It

It comes down to the basics that made us who we are today. We have a foundation that sets us apart:

  • Our knowledge of the baking process and industry
  • Our passion and commitment to our customers’ success.
  • Our ability to bring products and ideas together that help our customers sell to their customers